• Gold Face Goop

    Our Gold Face Goop is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, & the finest Essential Oil Blend. Did we forget to mention that we put LITERAL GOLD PARTICLES in this product. Reveal the fresh new skin in 24 hours.

  • Silky Milk Bath

    Jump into a warm bath with this Silky Milk Bath mixture. Formulated with Vitamin C Powder, Dried Coconut Milk, & Bentonite Clay. This will turn a milky clay-white as soon as it hits the water.

  • Make Ur Fat Cry Oil

    This is not a game! Feel the warmth, then the tingle of the pure Essential Oil Blend. Hours of Research & Development have allowed us to develop the perfect blend to make you sweat and continue to feel the burn.

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With Your Help, We Donate To Our Children in Africa

We love the Earth and always strive for sustainability. In addition to creating products that are "safe for kids and eye lids", you also help us accomplish so much more! We love the work that we do! With your generous support, you are able to help children in Liberia continue their education. African Children Education Outreach, Inc.

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