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Sea Moss Benefits: Food For The Skin

Sea Moss Benefits: Food For The Skin



You may or may not have heard about Sea Moss (chondru crispus). Sea moss is a spiney plant that usually comes dried out and in need of rehydration. Jamaica is known for its vast array of sea moss that can come in different colors. For the sake of the conversation today, we will....... be talking about the golden sea moss most people are familiar with. It is commonly known as Irish Sea Moss because during the Great Potato Famine, the Irish turned the sea moss into a nutrient dense meal.

Sea moss does have 92 of the 102 vitamins and minerals the body craves, so it makes sense why they would have picked sea moss. Sea moss contains vitamins like Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and minerals like manganese and calcium. These are some of the essential vitamins and minerals the skin needs to heal and fight off eczema flare ups. So, where does the butter come into the equation?

Let’s talk about the benefits of sea moss for the skin, first.




The Benefits


Let’s just get into it. It’s the vitamin and mineral content of the sea moss that makes it such a skin care powerhouse. Sea moss has long been known as a dermatitis treatment and eczema rash treatment. The skin is the largest organ on the body and many people seem to forget that what you put in will come out. Guess where it comes out, on the skin. Sea moss is like that gift that keeps on giving because not only does it help with inflammatory skin disease like eczema and psoriasis, it also can help those who struggle with oily skin or acne.


If you know anything about what the skin needs, magnesium is a major element that the skin begs for. It’s a good idea for the chronic eczema suffer to submerge themselves in Epson salt (magnesium sulfate) and allow the skin to soak up those minerals. You can get this directly from consuming the sea moss and by drenching your dry, chapped skin in the softening goodness of our Sea Moss Butter.


We mentioned that Sea Moss contains vitamins & minerals like sulfur. Sulfur is naturally occurring and an essential vitamin needed to the human body. It’s suggested antimicrobial properties can assist in balancing the bacteria that live on the skin. We suggest a patch test before using any new products, but if you suffer from eczema or other inflammatory skin conditions, sea moss can possibly be your saving grace. If you struggle with severe eczema on the hands, facial dermatitis, or mild eczema on the legs, this is the chronic dermatitis treatment you have been dreaming about.


There is very little scientific research available on the benefits of sea moss. We can only take the word of those who have experienced its jammed packed health benefits. This blog not only speaks from experience, but speaks from a sustainable skin care brand's perspective. We are currently testing this butter on real life people who suffer from eczema each day. Here are some of the benefits they have seen after 2 weeks of a controlled test group:

  • Softening
  • Moisturizing
  • Cooling
  • Itch relief
  • Wrinkle filling
  • Reverse aging
  • Brightening



Butter Me Up, Baby!


This is the fun part, taking sea moss & body butter and creating a beautiful love child. Sea Moss Body Crème.

Anyone with eczema or other conditions knows how painful the micro cuts can get. The reason why the skin is breaking open can be due to a number of reasons. Dry weather, cold weather, lack of moisture, dehydration, etc. In the winter, eczema can get so bad, the hands will have more cracks than a dried-up oasis. It’ll look like we were crushing oats into flour if there isn’t any eczema creme nearby.

With that being said, this product test has been showing some promising results. We took two of our favs, body butter & sea moss and married them together. Honestly, when you know, you know you know, you know? LOL. Don’t forget to eat your sea moss as well. Do not eat the butter, no matter how yummy it looks, it is meant for the skin.

The traditional body butter is still one of our all-time favs, but it kept smearing all over the place. We had to do something to 10x the absorption capabilities of the butter. You are more than welcome to make a complete mess of your kitchen whipping up your own sea moss butter. But there are levels to this thing. We recommend you purchase the butter from an eco-friendly skin care brand so that you can get the best quality and professional results. We do not have time to play when it comes to our skin!

We are talking to YOU! Yesss, you. It is time for us to live our best skin life. How can we do that if our skin hurts, is cracked, and is flaky? It’s time for the cure for eczema on legs! Ditch that itchy eczema skin! Say goodbye to the pains and embarrassment of having dry eczema patches on the face as an adult. With just one use, you will have found the treatment for eczema on the neck. Although there currently is no one dermatitis cure, there are some chronic eczema treatments that are promising.

You honestly just have to see for yourself. If you related to anything said in this blog, or know someone who suffers from any chronic skin condition, please share these details with them. Many times, eczema is overlooked and not taken seriously as a disorder. It can plague our lives, cause physical pain, and even depression.

Tell that person suffering that you are thinking of them and that you care. Share the information, buy them a butter, show them that they are not alone in this fight!

Now go out there and carpe the diem! We’ve got our dry eczema treatment, made by a natural sustainable skin care shop, so the world is yours for the taking.


The Eczema Angel ❤️😇

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